18 April 2017

It wasn't Santa or the easter bunny ... it was the UPS man who surprised us this morning ... our new CD arrived earlier as expected!

06 April 2017

We are very happy to anounce finally a offical release date for our new Album "SHARP as a RAZOR" on PART RECORDS.
From the 28 April it will be available as CD & digital download.
Because of the current strong demand for vinyl and too few press works, the LP still needs a few weeks more and will be available in a 500 edition latest in the summer.
Here's a teaser ... we hope you like the tunes!

30 March 2017

After some requests, because of our t-shirts, we like to order some more. If you like to have one for a price of around 15,-€uro please leave a comment under our post on facebook, with what kind (man or girl) and your size! So we could be sure to order the right sizes.

We also think about hoodies (print on front) or zipper hoodie (print on back) ... only with a fix pre-order. Price will be around 30,- €uro ... depends on how many will order!


16  March 2017

By a mistake we destroit  our  old website. So it was down for a while. But we done our best and first we brought it back as fast as we could!

In preview on our new album "SHARP as a RAZOR", wich will be released in Spring 2017 on PART RECORDS, we changed the design and supplemented the informations

We hope you like !



21 July 2016

With regret we had heard that the proposed french WE ARE THE TEDS-Weekender in September (9th to 11th) has been canceled.

Unfortunately means that no gig from us in France in the near future.We are very sorry for our french friends and fans, but we hope to come back soon.


18 June 2015

Two new tunes released on this great compiltaion!  More Info   >>>


10 Mai 2015

New gig dates for 2015 and 2016!


23 April 2014

We are sorry but we must deleted our guestbook, after to much spam messages the last weeks!

If you like to send us messages, please send us an e-mail via our contact form, if you like to give us a feedback you can write us a comment on facebook!


24 March 2014

We are happy to anounce that we have our own mobile app now.
Follow the link of the QR code or visit your app store.

It's available for Android, iPhone and Windows ... BlackBerry will come soon.

26 November 2013

Long time no post from us, but know we have a urgent message to all our friends and fans out there in Germany.
On Monday fixed a gig @ Louisiana Inn in Ratingen this Saturday (30 November).
We step in for the great Panhandle Alks who can't make it, because of illness of their drummer... all the best to "Schotti", hope you recover soon!!! Also the Jungle Tigers, who was first anounced to replace them, can't make it because of some private reason.
So know it's our turn!!! We know it's short notice, but we hope to see a lot of you  on Saturday!!!


05 April 2013

We're  working on our 2nd album, but we have some new gigs in the list!


01 April 2012

Finally we have our debut CD "Sinister Street" out on the German label Part Records with 18 tracks who includes 12 own writen tunes.  more infos


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