Rock´n´Roll have always been a passion of mine. Ever since I got my first Buddy Holly record at the age of six—this crazy beat have been a part of my life.


When I was in my teens, some friends of mine started a rock´n´roll band called "The Money Makers". I joined in on bass guitar, and after a few years we changed the name to "Rebels Revenge". The "Rebs" had quite a few gigs all over Europe, and we recorded three albums.



On one cold and grey October night, I was at the recording studio with Roger ”The Razor” Kristiansen (the drummer of Rebels Revenge). Just for fun we recorded two songs I had written. These recordings where never released, but they gave me the idea to start a band who plays my favorite rockin' styles. British late 50's and early 60's Rock´n´Roll mixed with the power of the revival/Teddy Boy sound... so a bit different sound as with Rebels Revenge.


Things started rollin´after I talked to my friend Kai Steffens (manager of Foggy Mountain Rockers) and gave him a demo. He liked what he heard, and wanted to help me with this project.


We agreed that it will be good to use musician, who normaly not play together in other bands. Kai then asked the very talented and well versed musicians Christian Hochmuth (Town Rebels) and Sven Schürmann (Foggy Mountain Rockers) if they would like to join this rockin' project.



The answer was  YES!


In the end of October 2009 I flew down to Germany to rehearsal and record what would become a part of our CD ”Sinister Street”. In February 2010, Sven, Chris, and Kai came up to Norway and we recorded more songs for the CD.


A few weeks later we had the first live gigs in Germany.


In 2011 we where ask to be a part of a Black Knights tribute album. That makes a new and not so well band very proud and we recorded their song "Wippin' Boy" for the CD "Rockers Of The Round Table".


In the end of March 2012 we finally released our debut CD "Sinister Street" an the German Label Part Records and more live gigs are in the pipeline.


Now, three years after everything began with the first conversation with Kai, a released CD and gigs on different festivals and rockin´shows in Germany, Finland, Sweden and Norway, I still confirm what I thought after the first rehearsals and recordings ... I found the perfect match with Chris on guitar, Sven on the drums and Kai for everything around the band.


Hope you will enjoy our shows and recordings  - made from the heart of rockin´souls.


Keep on rockin´

Johnny Knife


April 2012




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